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PC-Powered VR Gaming

Step into our best VR games.
Oculus Rift S | Improved Optics

Improved Optics

Improved optics deliver bright, vivid colors and reduced “screen-door” effect.
Oculus Rift S | Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design

The halo headband is redesigned with speed and comfort in mind.
Oculus Rift S | Oculus Touch Controllers

Oculus Touch Controllers

Your slashes, throws and grabs appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision.
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Blast, slash and soar your way through
our incredible VR gaming library.

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What's Included In Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S Console
Oculus Rift S | Headset
Oculus Rift S
Oculus Rift S | Two Touch Controllers
Two Touch
Oculus Rift S | Headset Cable
Headset Cable
Oculus Rift S | AA Batteries
AA Batteries
Oculus Rift S | Video Output
Video Output
Oculus Rift S Headset
Our most advanced VR gaming system powered by a PC.
Two Touch Controllers
Right and left hand Oculus Touch controllers required. Compatible with Oculus Quest.
Headset Cable
A 5-meter cable connects your headset to your gaming PC.
AA Batteries
Alkaline cell batteries to power both Oculus Touch controllers.
Video Output
A Mini DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort adapter for your PC.
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Oculus Rift S | Warranty

Oculus Warranty

Defect and malfunction coverage.