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Very happy with the Rift S

I previously had a Rift (CV1), and the upgrade in image clarity is immense! The change in the head strap to halo with the way it rests on my face is so much more comfortable. I did not end up with the dreaded Oculus face lol. The responsiveness of the controllers really surprised me as I was expecting maybe a little bit of jitter or something, but they instead work really well. I tested the tracking radius moving my arms in awkward angles etc to try and see if it would loose the controller location or hand angle, I used the mirror in VR inside VRChat to watch my avatar and see if there was any flaw in the tracking, It only lost my hands a little when they were behind my back. But did a good job of estimating their locations. The audio is nice and clear and able to be plenty loud enough. However I do agree with the reviewers regarding the audio's lack of bass, which was most noticeable in games such as Beat Saber. Overall though value for money wise the Rift S is brilliant.
Topic Thunder

Has a AR feature like Microsoft Holo Lens

I'm glad i Bought it as the inside out Tracking is Awsome as I have full 360 Movement without losing Tracking and can even have my app store and Desktop in My Home to see in the pass thru camera like Microsoft Hololens AR . Which is Awsome Expeirance that No other Vr can do that's on the Market Now. Glad I purchased this as I can take it to a freinds House without worry about setting up Base stations or outside Tracking sensors easy to set up . I Recommend this Vr Head set for the Mobility . CLARITY .No God Rays .No Screen Door Effect and Comfort and pass Thru camera that gives you extra Entertainment watching YouTube on a Big Screen or Browsing the Web while seeing your living Room Great Experience if you can't aford Microsoft Holo Lens

Oculus Rift S Immersive Experience

Compared to the former version, the S impresses with a wider field of view and better resolution. The camera based build-in tracking capabilities are great and surprisingly accurate, and I loved the way the virtual fence you set up in the beginning has been realized. It works well and if you stick your head through the fence the cameras show the real word. Need a faster graphics card, but was impressed with the experience using this product!

Oculus Rift S was the right choice.

I was in a stage where I didn't know what VR headset to choose. I spent a great time considering the Oculus Quest however I settled with the Rift S. If your computer has the power I thoroughly recommend going with the S over the Quest. The games are better and you will have more game selections. I did have some concerns of the compatibility of the Rift S with other games provided by Vive and on steam. The Oculus Rift S has been able to play every game with minimal modification or tweaking. It will blow your mind. So in short, if you are a serious game go with the Rift S. The fact you don't have to set up sensors is an additional benefit.

Great value and introduction. Love it.

As the only vr headset I have used I can not compare quality and experience with other headsets, but compared to the Other available headsets in Australia value for money for this is great and I was not waiting to see if we ever get a valve index in Australia and not to meantion I foresee the price being at the high end. The rift s is fun and immersive and I am impressed with the feel, comfort, optics and clarity, I see a lot of people on the net complaining about the audio but I can say it’s a non issue for me or the immersion. Shipping was good. Highly recommend if you are keen to try a good quality mainstream be headset

plug and play, easy to use, good tracking, hell of a experience.

I love the fact i don't need trackers around my room and that such a device can bring a new experience to your life and take you away to anywhere you want. The tracking is good yes, there are moments how ever when tracking is lost but thats a given since all the cameras that do track are on the front of the head piece so just a heads up if your hands are at your side or behind your back it won't track so keep that in mind, over all fantastic VR headset it's a 10.
Happy VR user

Don’t listen to the naysayers - the Rift S is awesome and a great upgrade to the CV1.

Awesome headset and for sure the best value/experience money can buy for VR. I upgraded from the original CV1 and the S is an upgrade in just about every sense. - Improved optics with bigger sweet spot, larger eyebox, more clarity and less glare/god rays. - Screen is LCD so not a dark blacks but extra pixels and sub pixels make for a vastly improved image. Using a virtual desktop is now comfortable. - Ease of use and setup cannot be underestimated. - Early tracking problems now resolved this is now near perfect tracking covering a much larger area. - although the inbuilt audio solution is not audiophile certified, it has its benefits for more causal use. The 3.5mm jack on the side makes using 3rd party solutions a breeze. - Comfort is always going to be subjective but like a new pair of shoes the S has become very comfortable. I do feel it becomes a little warmer than the CV during extended periods but not a huge difference.
Lyn Gaffney

Don't trust the reviews

Honestly, for the money. There isn't a better headset you can purchase. I have been using the Oculus Rift S for about 2 weeks now day in and day out and have experiences almost none of the issues people go on about. If you're wanting to purchase this headset because you have limited space or you just like the features or specs of the new headset. I would take the plunge and just buy the headset.
Amazon Customer

Great VR headset - little SDE

SDE was greatly reduced. Have not encountered tracking issues and I honestly prefer it over CV1 (I don’t play onward or pav). Headset feels a bit cheap, but it is likely due to weight minimisation. I like the fact that I can sit across the room on my couch to watch movies in VR or on my bed whereas before, I had to move the sensors. Oculus could have created a better headset, but it doesn’t mean this one is not great compared to other VR headsets.

First VR headset, very happy

The Rift S is my first VR headset, and i don't think i could have chosen a better starting point. The headset is simply plug and play, and took only a few minutes to unbox and start playing games. The hand tracking is fairly good, and a good trade off for not having to set up sensors. Edit: Tracking has gotten significantly better since the update, I can play Pavlov fine without tracking issues while aiming rifles. The screen is good, but not amazing, there is still a screen door effect, but I am willing to forgive these issues for the price. I also find the sound good. If you're new to VR and just want something affordable to plug and play with a good selection of established games, then this is it.
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No issue, heaps of fun.

This is my first VR gaming headset and I absolutely love it. I have been wanting to get into VR for a while but the prices were too steep at the time. I'm glad a big name company could manage something more affordable. I've read and seen reviews about constant errors that makes games unplayable but have no had those experiences. There are minor issue like crossing the controllers over but that was well within my expectations.
Graeme TAylor

Brilliant upgrade to CV1.

Great upgrade to the original rift Very comfortable, much better display and tracking is almost flawless. Not having over ear headphones is actually a plus for me. I like being able to hear outside world sounds too. This is the best pc tethered vr experience available today period.
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